Saturday, September 6, 2008

The truth hurts...I think I should get a Billy Bookcase...

Ah, my favorite subject. Me.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that the wording on this is confusing to my idiot roommates. So, for those of you confused on the verbage and such, i'm not implying that the couch he's laying on is an ikea couch, but rather he is sitting in an ikea being psychoanalyzed by a dude whilest traveling through an ikea.


I hate you


Rene said...

tell your roommates to punch themselves in their collective faces. i got right away that he was in an ikea and am now sorry i didn't comment earlier when you posted it up. i was going to say how i liked the misdirection and the overall premise.

i'm more confused by them not getting it than i am by the wording in the comic. then again i, like you, am a genius.

Dave said...

uh, perceived shortcomings?